36" Tree Box

36" Tree Box

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Our products are built to endure the elements and keep you gardening for years to come. We have done extensive research and product testing to ensure the highest quality. If you have any questions after viewing our products and FAQ section please do not hesitate to contact us!

These tree boxes are superior to the nursery models you see strapped together. Every panel is held together using screws instead of staples or clinch nails and strapping.

*Great for areas you can't plant in ground
*Much larger than standard pots
*Allows better tree & root growth
*Box comes apart if tree needs to be transplanted / removed
*Minimizes tree root damage


Inside Top 34" x 34"
Inside Bottom 28" x 28"
Depth: ≈26.5" | ≈16.0 Cubic ft of soil


1" Thick Walls & Base
1" Thick Vertical Braces

-Assembled Using Premium Exterior Grade Screws
 w/ lifetime guarantee against rust & corrosion
-All Wood Components are MCA treated to last and are safe for gardens
*See below & visit our FAQ for more information regarding the treatment


*Stained / Sealed


We use only premium exterior grade stains and sealants and they are applied only to the exterior of our raised beds unless requested otherwise.

**This product also receives finishe along the inside top board to create a uniform look as the dirt settles.**


Our raised beds and planters are built with treated lumber and will last longer than the competition. Treated lumber is safe for gardens. The MCA treatment we have chosen is composed of water (99%+) and only 2 additional ingredients (copper & tebuconazole) which we encourage you to read about. More info can be found in our FAQ section.

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