About Us

How Did You Get Started?

I personally began making raised garden beds as a hobby after my mother expressed interest in purchasing one from a catalog. I felt that I could produce a less expensive, higher quality product that required little or no additional assembly. I am the type of person that researches every purchase I make because I plan to use the product to its fullest capability and expect it to last. Most companies didn't mention details such as wood type, fasteners, and whether they were sealed or treated. I researched the chemical makeup of wood treatments knowing that untreated and/or unsealed wood is not ideal for outdoor environments. After finding one that I felt safe using, I constructed my first raised garden bed.

What Sets You Apart From The Competition?

The quality of commercially available garden beds and outdoor accessories was lacking so we've made it a mission to build superior products that will not disappoint! We use premium materials and fasteners, our products require little or no assembly and we strive to always meet and exceed customer expectations.

Why Do You Prefer Raised Gardens Over Ground Level?

Simple reasons like no more bending over, full control over the soil, reduced weeds, less pests like the rabbits that run through our yard and of course our dog that randomly decides to dig up plants. The list is endless but those are a few of ours.

What Keeps You Motivated?

A major highlight of this venture has been the positive feedback and pictures from our customers! My wife Katrina and I personally enjoy the harvest from our four garden beds. We love spicy food and now designate two full beds for pepper varieties. This has led to lots of hot sauce and salsa! In 2014 we added a new member to our family, Izzy the miniature pig, and she is enthusiastic about her veggies.

How Would You Like To See The Brand Grow?

Our personal goal is to encourage people to work and play outdoors. Our vision is to promote fun, educational opportunities, and healthy lifestyles. In 2014 while still in startup phases we donated a raised garden through the Recipe for Success Foundation to the Fifth Ward Titans Yes Prep School in Houston. We would like to see raised garden beds on every elementary campus to experience math and science objectives in real life. They serve as great educational tools for homeschooled children and science fair projects. We would also like to make gardening more accessible to the handicapped and aging.

What Did You Do Before This?

I've always enjoyed designing and building! A childhood obsession with Legos and K'Nex progressed into a construction management degree at Texas State University. I proceeded to work commercial construction and catastrophic insurance adjusting before following my entrepreneurial passion. I strive for efficiency and utility and this is exactly how I run my business!

-Zac Marzouk