Q: How do I place an order and what forms of payment does TX Green Beds accept?

A: Products can be purchased directly from our website, our Etsy store front if you happen to stumble across it and via phone or in person if you prefer. We accept all forms of debit / credit cards, cash and Paypal.  If you would like to place an order but are unable to pickup, load, unload or transport it please contact us to discuss delivery options. We are located South of Houston, TX and do our best to service the Greater Houston Area.

Q: How long does it take to get my order and do you stock any products?

A: We try to keep a small amount of unfinished products on hand but most are built to order. Build times can run from 1 day to 1 week depending on the item(s), size of the order and finish you select. This time frame includes dry time for our finishes which typically adds 24-72 hours. If you have a specific time frame or date you would like to pick your order up feel free to  contact us!

Q: What are the benefits of raised gardens?

A: Here are a few of our favorites:

  • No more bending over
  • Full soil control
  • Limited weeds
  • Easy irrigation
  • Rabbit and dog proof
  • Can be placed and moved anywhere

Q: Can Pressure Treated / Pro Wood be used for gardens?

A1: Universal Forest Products actually says "The perfect building material for raised beds is treated lumber. It's economical, easy to work with and safe to use in gardening applications. The new micronized copper formulations, including ProWood Micro CA, use a treatment process that has earned Environmentally Preferred Product status from Scientific Certification Systems."

A2: Pro Wood which is a leading wood brand says, "Yes. Treated timbers used to construct raised vegetable and flowerbeds are increasingly popular and practical. Recent scientific tests prove there is no significant uptake of preservatives into plants. And treated wood used for tomato stakes, flowerbed edging, planters, retaining walls, trellises and compost bins have the added advantage of lifetime durability."

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Q: What kind of chemicals are in pressure treated lumber?

A: Universal Forest Products which is a manufacturer and distributor of wood products responds to this question with the following:  "pressure treated lumber with a formulation known as Micronized Copper Azole, or MCA and its makeup is simpler than you may have guessed. The finished product contains two active ingredients to stop decay and termite attack: copper and a non-metallic "organic" called tebuconazole. "Azoles" are used in several everyday personal care products such as foot creams and fungal ointments. Copper is, of course, a common metal used for drinking water pipes, wiring, and other applications that humans come in contact with every day. These two ingredients are applied in a mixture of water at a solution strength of less than 1% active ingredients (99% or more water). The EPA has registered this preservative and deemed it appropriate for the protection of wood from rot and termites where used as directed. The result is pressure treated wood that is an eco friendly product and serviceable for decades."

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Q: Can I apply a stain, sealant or paint to the beds?

A: You can apply all of the above but stains and sealants perform incredibly better than paint and require less maintenance.

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Keep in mind that if you purchase an already finished (stained/sealed) product there are additional steps required to modify it.

Pro Wood Excerpt Regarding Paint:
"Although ProWood provides a surface that is easier for paints to cover, we do not recommend painting it. ProWood does not need protection from the elements. But if your decorative decisions call for paint, make sure the wood is dry before application. (Pour some water over the surface. If it beads, wait; if it seeps into the wood, it’s ready to paint.)"

If you have additional questions that have not been answered here feel free to contact us!